oh nooooo!

It was all set for the end of the month. It is on the google calendar for April 30th for like 2 Whatever_martha_detail_headermonths. It was  all planned out–just keep the cable till Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens for those of you who are not huge dork fans like me) was on The Chris Isaak Hour on the Bio Channel and then right after (at the end of the billing period) dump the massive crack cable package for basic ten dollar loser cable.


I have a new favorite TV show. It has made me laugh more in the first 2 minutes and 30 seconds than any other show, ever.

Where did I find my Easter in day 2: Whatever Martha.
Best. Show. Ever. Maybe you already know about it?
Its Martha's daughter and her friend, watching old Martha episodes and ripping–on Martha.
Its brilliant.

Its HGTV meets real bitchy life. Its sarcasm in its finest moments. I heart it.


One thought on “oh nooooo!

  1. Did you know that Martha herself developed the show?? You gotta love someone that can put herself out there like that. Both girls were also on Martha during Easter week making crafts…it was a hoot!

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