a backwards way of saying it

I sort of have a rule about blogging about work. For the most part, I do not do it. However today, I was reminded, in a not very specific way, how once again I am so truly blessed to do what I do, and for whom I do it for.ELCM Logo

Its been a long few years, working through loving the church tribe that I belong to, and having to leave that tribe–or step outside of it for a while–to be the person I feel called to be. I want my church to want me, I want to be a gift and blessing to my tribe. And perhaps I am now, now that I have had some time to walk away, and given myself time to heal. I hope that can be true.

I have a killer awesome gig, working with people who want to be pastors in the ELCA. (I love my job.) Today my job took me on campus to Luther Seminary. When I walked through the doors, a friend from my episco-tribe was there, at a student table handing out information for (I think) Bread for the World. The place and space in how I met her was what I would consider to be "rough waters" and now, that water is well, under the bridge. When I came through the door, she ran over to me, hugged me like she meant it (wow, I love hugs like that) and absolutly squeeled with delight. She looks happy, radiant actually. She is a lovely and wonderful person.

We stood for not that long, catching up on why and how she is at Luther. Then she asked how I am. My answer went something like this:

I am blessed, like beyond measure actually. Sweetie is wonderful, she is the best thing that has ever happened to me really. I mean you know her, she is amazing. And my work, its good. It is really really good. My work treats me perhaps better than I have ever been treated, better than I deserve–I know that for sure. I am here for work right now, I think I might actually be late for my meeting.

And with that, I said I'd send her a note so we could catch up more, and I was off to my meeting (which I was a little late for). She gave me an amazing gift today, my friend she did. I know–and got to say out loud–more and more every day how great it is that I have a job I love as well as a home for myself, my kitty, my love and my friends. I am ridiculously blessed. And today, this 9th day in Eastertide, I am giving thanks. Its exactly where I am supposed to be right now.


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