no news is good news

I think it is anyway. I have been away, from this blog and my other one; its been a sort of impromptu cyber-nap. I miss this space but a few things have just gotten in the way. Since I’ve been unplugged:

  1. Holy crap where does the time go? I know its not the case but honestly, time DOES fly, whether it is fun or not. Gratefully, wonderfully, awesome-tastic-ly, it has been fun. It has just not allowed for much slow down and write time. Wow. Time to s l o w   d o w n. Hello friends.
  2. Blissfully unplugged and officially on vay-cay last week to be at my friends disco-rollerskating party and meeting her tribe at House for All Sinners and Saints. Next post, all about it. So good.
  3. Been allowing time for healing. My mouth (got three teeth removed and it got a little botched) is finally better. Between the pain medication, the pain itself, and generally feeling like no fun to be around, I decided to not say anything for a bit. Not fun.
  4. Best of all, I am now one whole year smoke free. I know, can you even stand it? I can hardly believe it. And with the help of friends and the beloved–the rest of the health story is beginning to unfold.
  5. Starting a new thing, community. Started working on the website. I am sort of excited about it, but really feel like an awkward little newborn fawn on shakey break-y legs.

Hello friends.


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