do over

It has been a HUGE few days since I have last posted. I wish I could say I am sorry for slipping off of the blog every day in Easter thing, but I am not. I missed it, but enjoyed taking life in unplugged for a few days in Denver and home again this past week.
Lots of Easter moments to report.

  • Talked to a friend and then another about a thing. The thing that has been eating me up inside for years, since leaving the Episcopal Center. About justice and some people getting away with shit that they shouldn't, but did. About said people getting a do-over in life, a little too close to my life I might add. Friends, I laid it down. It is finished. I have done all I can do. Amen.
  • Denver, seriously, who knew it was such an awesome town? Must. Go. Back.IMG_1900
  • Two fundraisers in one day. Aeon and MacPhail. Both kicked ass and blew me away. I love giving towards hope and possibility. You?
  • Church. House for All and the the community that calls it home–amazing. Write up on my other blog soon. 
  • The Veggie Breggo sandwich at The Stone Cup in Lyons, Colorado. Wow.
  • Coming home. I love our home. And going away, gifts me that gift again and again.

How are YOU?


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