a do do do, a dah dah dah …

Join the Do Less Campaign

I am joining my friend Tess,
and her friend Magpie Girl
in the Do Less Campaign.Perhaps you might join in?

This morning, my chest and heart overwrought with anxiety and a general
holy-shit-hitting-the-fan-I-can't-stop-it-freakout, I started to say a sort of
mashup of the first half of Anne Lamott's favorite prayer ("Help me, help
me, help me
,") combined with my own curse laced prayer groans (you really don't want
to know what these sounded like, trust me), when a little tweet came across my
tweetdeck. It pointed me to Magpie Girl and this nifty little Do Less Campaign.
She says:

Hello loves! Listen, I’m worried
about you.

I read your Twitters and
Facebook status updates, and occasionally peek at your blogs. And you know
what? Y’all are way WAY too busy! I see a lot of posts about too
many meetings, insurmountable to-do lists, and rushing about on
weekends. I’m beginning to suspect that some of you have caffeine running
in your veins. Continued

So, with a pinch of gratitude, a deep breath, a box of
kleenex on hand should it be needed … ready or not today, here I come.

5 thoughts on “a do do do, a dah dah dah …

  1. I know what my own sounds like so I am just thinking they are much the same.
    Do Less. I like it.
    Come do less with me baby.

  2. This makes me so happy I could cry–hand over that box of tissues.
    Our days = pint glass. Our plans = 2 gallons of water.
    Here’s to more quality & less quantity : )

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