in the quiet

So, with all the hub-bub of the Prop 8 stuff, New Hampshire, and polls from every which way about how attitudes towards same sex marriage are changing, you would think I would be blogging and kvetching all about it, but I am not. Not here and hardly anywhere else actually.

Do you ever find yourself saturated? Awash in information overload? Do you find yourself gasping for air all the while drowning in activity? This my friends, is where I am.

In less than a month I will be in Anaheim, California with my Episco-pals, blogging and twittering about BO33 and a bunch of other GLBT justice oriented legislation for the Episcopal Church and the organization called Integrity USA. I am SO excited and terrified all at the same time.

I guess I am just in a time of total quiet, and a time of reflection. I have a thousand opinions. A million thoughts. But right this second, today and lately, seems the only thing I can do, is pray.


8 thoughts on “in the quiet

  1. Yes…I’ve been taking in information for two years as a special prayer about what to think. I just didn’t know. And now I’m trying to write about it and struggled so much with just which parts I should say and what has already been said so much…I know the Spirit is leading me, but actually putting all that I think on paper might be enough for a rather long post. When what I think is actually simple. Thanks for the link to Integrity USA–I’m hoping the ELCA (Lutheran liberals) take the leap too, finally.

  2. Angela, welcome to the blog!
    Thanks for the note. Seems like that is where the ELCA is headed, at least that is what I have heard from various synod assemblies across the country. I hope it is. More I am sure on that, later.

  3. Yes! I do feel saturated and awash. I think that’s why I’m having a bit of trouble on my blog. There are all sorts of things I care about in terms of my faith: queer spirituality, the position of women in the church, the problems of fundamentalism and on and on. But although I care, deeply, sometimes I just don’t care about writing about it, if that makes any sense at all!

  4. Er, hi Rachel, just reporting that “Hermione” is me! For some bizarre reason this comment defaulted to a very old WordPress identity I had with a completely different and now defunct blog! Perhaps my comment will now sound less like the random ravings of some bonkers woman.

    And yes, I do feel that. In need to speak more, I know it.

  5. As an Integrity member who can’t be at Anaheim…I’m really, really glad to know someone who will be! And Twittering, yet!

    How may I follow you there? (tweet wise?)


  6. Good luck girl! Sounds like a very cool thing is coming up for you.

    On being overwhelmed. I’m some where in not wanting to be quiet, but needing to be. I get overwhelmed with life and all the media that sometimes I find myself wondering what every thing is about. I’ve had to watch my thoughts so that I don’t go down the dark bunny trail and stay focused on the tasks at hand.

    Much luck and fun in Cali!

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