Top 10: Sick and Tired

*Top 10 things to do when you decide that you are sick and tired of being sick and tired (according to and as trying to do from your bloggy friend, me.):

  1. Ask for help. This is key: no matter who you are, or how hard you try, you cannot go it alone.
  2. Keep trying. If one remedy doesn't work, keep trying. Just because it works for that other person, does not mean it will work for you.
  3. Pray, or talk to the universe, or your source (or whatever language you need here). I am a big fan of prayer, but the key is to give whatever it is over, and KNOW–beyond knowing–you are not meant to walk alone in whatever thing that is weighing you down.
  4. Forgiveness. Forgive yourself (for letting it get this bad), forgive others (for whatever part they played; ie complacency, judgment, not enough, etc.). Really–nothing will clear away, until you make it so.
  5. Move. Get out of your head and into your body. At least once a day, in whatever way you can. But pay attention and "count" whatever movement you do, and celebrate it.
  6. Focus on what you are doing that is working towards the goal of feeling better, **rather that what you aren't or could be doing, or could be doing better. <——- **So unhelpful.
  7. Laugh. Look for it, youtube it, seek it out, and give in to it.
  8. Look for beauty, expect it, and then say thank you when it shows up.
  9. Eat better. Crap in crap out is the rule of thumb. Less expensive is not always less expensive. Real food.
  10. No matter how hard, love thy self.

*We teach what we most need to learn, amen?


6 thoughts on “Top 10: Sick and Tired

  1. Great list. All true.
    Thanks for the shout-out to therapists like me in Number 1. We all need to get over the stigma and fear of getting professional help.

  2. It’s number 1 I have trouble with. Pride, stiff-necked independence, not wanting to seem vulnerable, not sure but I have problems with it!!

  3. Me again. The very next thing I did after reading this post and commenting on it was watch this video at Towanda’s Window, which seems to me to be all about the human race helping each other:

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