Yesterday I listened to a show from Midmorning Weekend on MPR and there was this author/writer on. She said that one of the key things she believes is that in order to be a good writer, you must read, become a veracious reader. You must hear your own voice in the midst of others. Lately I have been doing a lot more reading than writing. I hope it is helping, I feel like it may be.

Here are two pieces to note that I found while trolling around the interwebs this morning. Both are just a bit closer to where my heart is leading. And they are listening–not reading–but the influence my writing just the same.

One: Classic and awesome from Friday’s Current Playlist:

And two:

Its June, which means for many people Pride celebrations are either here, or are just around the corner. Pride for me has always been an annual opportunity to plug into the larger GLBTQIA community and a way to connect with others, a whole lot of “Us’s” as Harvey said. This past year I have spent a great deal of time thinking about the life and death and impact of one Harvey Milk. This two minute piece of brilliant public narrative has shaped my thinking about how yelling and bashing and making fun and slinging mud only does one thing–makes you look like you are about all of those things. Seems sort of anti-Gospel to me.

What Harvey was about was HOPE and LOVE; and in the face of much, he stayed true to this message to the end. This, is what I want to be about. Not what I am NOT for, but what I AM for. Not pointing out the horrible things about others, but about lifting up the beauty and universal truth in us all.

Watch, listen, enjoy.


One thought on “Listening

  1. I think you’re absolutely right about the yelling and making fun. There’s a sense in the LGBT community (at least in the UK) of being “better than” the bigots and the conservatives. And perhaps it’s true. It’s probably a defensive reaction in some cases. But it just polarises positions, which is helpful to no-one.

    I love the Milk speech, and the video graphics are good also. Simple but strong.

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