life in blips and bites

My life for the last two months has really been about two things:

  1. Feeling better, trying to find a way to live, leaning towards health and not choosing the same old coping mechanisms (that have served me "well" up until now). And,
  2. General Convention.

Well, General Convention is here. I am doing hard and good work for IntegrityUSA and Episcopalians for Global Reconciliation also known as E4GR. If you are on twitter, please consider following me and the work I am up to at @integrityusa and @e4gr (and @swancommarachel). In addition–I get to hang with some of my most favorite peeps in the whole world, the Young Adult Festival folks. I am teaching an Anglican prayer bead workshop with and for them.

I am guessing I won't get to tell a whole lot of stories of my own in the next two weeks–although I am hoping I am wrong.

About feeling better–well what can I say–its a slow road. It is hard work. I feel like it is on hold while I am here in Anaheim. But what I am doing is eating well, and walking, which are a few things that I am building into this new way of being healthy. Two of many.

Another practice of leaning into feeling better? I am holding dearly to the memory of my baby sisters visit last week and the week before, I think it may be some of the best memories we have had together so far. She is amazing and beautiful.
See?IMG_0083 The memorial bench IMG_0099  Just a few snaps from our time, ones that deserve much more storytelling to them. So, next post.

Thanks for letting me ramble on.