Long Overdue



So, its been a while. Check out The Swandive (if you haven’t already looked there) and you’ll see why. A whole host of reasons have popped up as to why I have been a little more quiet than usual. However, that will change. It will. I know, you read it on nearly every blog when its in a slump. But, I tell you it is true. Two reasons:

One: Today is Celebrate Bisexuality Day–a hallmark holiday of sorts, made up by the good folks at GLAAD for bi-activists, bi-people and their friends and allies. So far the posts from the GLAAD Blog have been really amazing. Some I totally disagree with, and some are just really smart and amazing. I think they are worth a read and have sparked my imagination and helping me to believe that I do have something to say and add to the Bi conversation. Check them out at http://glaadblog.org/category/news/

The Best Blog Series Ever: Period.

The Best Blog Series Ever: Periods.

Two: Someone asked me to be a guest blogger on their blog! I am humbled and honored and am writing like a fool to participate in Becky Knight’s awesome blog series “The Best Blog Series Ever: Periods.” I’m writing and will let you know, of course, when it is posted. The whole series looks to be really great and I am honored to be a part of the group.

So a big “HI!” and welcome back friends. Feels good to be here again.


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