the dublin trip: a review, part 1

So, maybe you have already been tracking the tweets, watching the updates, and this is not news to you. But the whirlwind trip to Ireland was nothing short of unbelievable, beautiful, life changing moments. No, I am not exaggerating.

I am going to break up the whole story into two or three posts, just to try and capture each and every moment. Though we were only there for about 60 hours, a lot was packed in.

A few months ago, I received an email telling me that the one living person who I thought I would never ever see live in concert, was going to do 4 shows: one in London, Birmingham, Liverpool and my favorite place in the world, Ireland (specifically the show was in Dublin). Yusuf (if you don't recognize the name, go here) was going on tour. I knew that day that I had to do whatever it took to try and get there. It was on my before I die / bucket list. I was not going to miss this show if I didn't have to. Mind made up, the planning started.

As it turns out, we would be leaving for Ireland exactly 3 years to the day from our last trip–also quite magical–our honeymoon. So I purchased tickets for the show, got a not quite as outrageous as could have been priced flight, and booked the hotel. And on November 13th, we were Dublin bound.Our odd but sweet tour guide: Garvan

We touched down Saturday morning–8:30 am. Saturday was sort of the open, go where the wind blows, 
day. We started out the way every day should: sweet milky tea, porridge, fruit and a scone. YUM. We stayed at The Arlington–Temple Bar. Highly recommended as it is 3 minutes walking distance from, well everything. Seriously, it was so perfect. We couldn't check in for a few hours, so we set off for some adventure, and first thing, hit a free walking tour of Dublin. Our tour guide was a bit strange, but sweet, we hung with it for about an hour or so, and then drifted off, seeing our own sites.

Did I happen to mention this interesting story? So, Doug Pagitt has got this really sweet deal on his books–5 for a mere $40 bucks, a total steal if you ask me (hint hint to those of you who would be interested in the deal). Anyway, it just so happens that some really nice people bought the set, and they lived in, you guessed it, Dublin. So Doug asked if I had some spare room in the luggage to be an international courier. Of course I did. So after the walkabout, we headed back to the hotel to meet these locals and hand off the goods. They were so sweet. From South Africa, Sarah and Graeme, could not have been more kind. We chatted, talked about Solomons Porch, faith, life and how they came to be in Dublin. They offered us a lift Trinity College and we happily accepted, you never turn down a local–you never know what can turn up from such offers. This one rendered some lovely conversation, and a great dinner recommendation.

To be continued…


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