timeout: two things

One: From a friend, headline reads “Is Everyone Really Bisexual?” An interesting article altogether, but a few bits that really rang true for me. Check it out friends. Seems to be quite a timely post considering this little series. The bits that rang true?

(update: The MYTH that) “Bisexuals are supposed to be equally attracted to men and women – always androgyny, but never to trans people – and always at the same time.”  (update–Gah! as if!)  and…

If someone says that they are straight, or (gay/lesbian) then for you to insist that they are “really” bisexual but perhaps just don’t realise it is to deny them their self-identity. (Emphasis mine) Everyone should be free to define their own identity for themselves, which invalidates this kind of generalization.

Two: And then this beautiful comment–I do not want it to be overlooked or get buried. Thank you Dan–so beautifully stated. (you can check his site out too—here at http://www.citizenpoet.com)

When I was six years old and in first grade, I fell madly in love with the most beautiful girl in the world. Her name was Christine. When I was seven, I met a boy who smelled of hay and glowed in the sun. He and I fell in love. When I was ten, her name was Bonnie. His name was James.

My whole life, love has never been about gender. It has always been about the person. And when there was sex, it was always the same, the taste of love, the taste of a lover, the sharing of each other, the delight not just in one’s own pleasure, but in the pleasing of another. Male or female, it was about the essence of love, the essential joy of being.

Whatever is the reality of bi, it is the reality of me. And frankly, I don’t give a damn what anyone thinks. I give a damn about my lovers. I live and love for their – and, yes, my own – pleasure. For me, bi is not a division, but a union.

Also worth a look: Bisexuals: putting the B back in LGBT, Marcus Morgan at The Gaurdian.


2 thoughts on “timeout: two things

  1. Actually, that first article is quoting the “Putting the B back in LGBT” article you mention, and twisting the meaning.

    The idea that everyone is bisexual, or that bisexuals aren’t attracted to trans is in a section in the article that is clearly meant as a list of untrue stereotypes! To quote it as “Morgan thinks that everyone is bisexual” is at best a terrible misreading or at worst a deliberate manipulation of what he says,

    The author of the Guardian article isn’t agreeing everyone is bi, or that bis aren’t attracted to trans people, at all!

  2. Perhaps the update helps.
    I should say Deborah, I am glad that people, not just me, are talking about the myths of bisexuality, are talking about false generalizations, and actually talking about the breadth and depth that exists in the bi community.

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