(G0)Proud? Hardly.

Wow. Is there something in the water? Seems like every week there is a headline with some not-so-surprising (Ricky Martin, thank you for finally coming out) and some just downright shocking (like Laura Bush?!?) people coming out, either as queer themselves or as a supporter of same sex (gay) marriage. Its a beautiful thing to behold really—and first, please hear me loud and clear—I am GRATEFUL. But I got a bone to pick, so I’ma go ahead and pick it.

Yesterday in an article posted on Episcopal Cafe, they quoted Bruce Carroll, GOProud Board Member (GoProud.org) as saying:

“It will be impossible for the gay community to achieve equality of opportunity without the support of conservative voices like Laura Bush. I further hope my friends on the left note that now we have members of the Bush, Cheney and McCain families in support of marriage, but no Obamas or Bidens.”

Now come on, really?

  1. In this interview with Laura, she states very clearly she has felt this way since the ’00 and ’04 elections. So why now? Why couldn’t she say this when in she was beside her husband while he was in office?
  2. Both George (W. Bush) and John (McCain) have also had to come out in this process, and they have NOT AT ALL changed their position on the issue.
  3. What does the Republican platform have to say? Yeah, not so much on MY families values.
  4. I hope that more courageous people come out of the closet themselves or in support of their hairdressers, kids, kids friends, and so on. Still, its one thing to say you support—and still another to work on behalf of your party to change the platform. When that happens—I will personally say thank you and even chuck in a contribution, mark my words.
  5. While we are at it—some have pointed out that Cheney has come out in support of same sex marriage rights. And he has, at the STATE level, and has unequivicolly said he would not support changes at the federal level. Unless changes eventually lead to federal level (think filing your federal returns, federal student loans, medicare, etc.) none of it matters a hill of beans.

Honestly, I am all for amazing women like Laura Bush and Cindy McCain coming out as allys. But lets just keep it real. You want to throw stones at the Obama and Biden families for not coming out? Spare me (till after they are out of office), please.

Obama, are you listening? Its time to start putting your words into action. Its getting a little cold out here–defending what you say you believe but have not had the political balls willpower to do. Laura is right, this is a generational issue. You rallied a whole new younger generation to stand with you, and believe we could. Can you?