humbled & honored

A friend called (yep–the phone, with numbers and dial tones and the whole bit–super old school like*) this morning. She wanted to tell me how so many things in her life are amazing right now. Like, how the other day in a room crammed full of a whole bunch of people—varying in backgrounds and beliefs—she was given the privilage of participating in something that she was sure resembled “earth as it is in heaven”; a whole mess of people singing the Kingdom into existance.

Then again, this afternoon the phone rang (twice in one day people*) and it was another friend, who will be getting married in a few short weeks from now. She is a good friend, but I could have never seen what was coming next; she asked if Sweetie and I would read for her wedding. Yeah, us, both of us. Readers. For this reading. In her wedding.

I told my friend who I talked to this morning that it was moments like these that help usher us through times that are not like these. Yep–I want to give thanks in ALL circumstances, good and not so good.

So thanks G-d, for these friends. For what you are doing in their lives. For giving them G/good N/news to share, and then giving them hearts to share it—far and wide, and with me. I am humbled, honored, and grateful. I’m not sure how I got here, but help me to remember always to do the same. Amen.

*a small sarcastic note about how I am amazed at how much communication lately has happened virtually, or by text. When my phone rings, it sometimes feels like getting a letter in the US Postal mail.


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