Hi ho hi ho…

Well the bags are packed & we’re ready to go. Sweetie, her parents and me are all ready at the gate, destination Ireland.

Now, this may not exactly be the gayest set of blog posts you’ll see outta me—but well, I am queer, so like it not, everything I do is “gay _________ (whatever).” I’ve been posting over at The Swandive recently, keeping my life thoughts over there. I don’t think I have, but it feels like I’ve sort of lost my queer-mojo, the voice that tells you about my gay marriage, my gay life, my gay church, and my gay family. This is probably a longer thought than I’ve got time at the gate for… yep our zone was just called.

I’m going to use this blog to share my travels, gay and otherwise. Just downloaded the app for the iPhone, so here it is, the test post. I look forward to sharing the trip along the way as we’re able. Wish us safe travels!


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