Day 1: Dublin

Phrase of the day: day one is always hard.

Plane landed yesterday and today we’re off to the Rock of Cashel and Killarney. It was, well day one in Dublin. It’s a big city, lots of people—sweet all of them really. But it’s hard to manage when you’ve been up for days (yes, anything beyond 24 hours counts as days), are figuring out the busses, money and accent all whilst trying to take in all the sights and stories of one of the greatest cities in the world.

We managed to score a pretty sweet ride, a vw jetta, for my driving pleasure. From the airport it was off to find the hotel, the Ardmore. Out of town a bit, it’s comfortable and right next to the bus direct into the city. A bitch to find from the airport—but worth it. We enjoyed tea and soup (Marie had the quiche, not great, not very quiche-like) and hit the town. Book of Kells, meh. The bus tour, the only thing I could imagine being ok to do in our state of mind, and a really sweet dinner at Maddigans near O’Connell Street.

Many might already know this, but this is mine and sweeties 5th trip; we love it here. Advantage of being here multiple times? Being able to understand the “language” or the thick, beautiful Irish brogue. Translating for the parents is sweet.

Off to find breakfast, then Sweeneys wine and beer—Tom is afraid he won’t find another alcohol outlet, in IRELAND, and then hitting the road west coast bound.


2 thoughts on “Day 1: Dublin

  1. Yes, Kayce and I did the bus tour on our first day last year. Perfect for jet lag!

    If you happen to find yourselves in Temple Bar at breakfast time, go to the Elephant and Castle – I’m salivating now at the thought of the sheer wonderfulness of their breakfasts:

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