In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.
Martin Luther King Jr.

I remember the first time I watched this clip—and being so struck by the silence. I welled up actually. Jay is an acquaintance and a kind soul. He is the pastor of a church called Revolution NYC. He speaks from the heart—if you watched the clip its quite evident.

When we look back later on, when all this conversation about same sex marriage and being queer in general is a non-issue issue, I will remember my ally friends—brothers and sisters—who could not stand by and be silent on this issue.

(parting idea: If you enjoyed the clip—won’t you consider forgoing the venti quad soy mocha half caff latte today, and throw a few bucks to Revolution NYC. I just did, and think if you can, it would be a great way to say thanks to Jay for being an ally and witness to God’s inclusive radical love. Thanks.)

**post post: This post is a part of the ongoing series of posts for LGBT History Month. Are you posting/remembering/marking the month in some way? Let me know.