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This past week, there have been SO many posts / videos / updates / information about the recent suicides of young LGBT people due to bullying. I am not adding my voice to the fray (beyond the it gets better video), but rather I implore you to read these two pieces. I found them heart wrenching, beautiful and full-on challenging.

First from Gareth at god is not elsewhere:

… If you have ever used ‘us’ and ‘them’ language to divide sets of people into ‘normative’ heterosexual cultures, and ‘others’, you may be part of the reason Tyler Clementi is dead.  I spoke of ‘us’ and ‘them’ for most of my life until a friend challenged me; I still find myself slipping into old rhetorical habits, for our culture is so deeply wedded to the myth that our identities depend on dividing and conquering.

If you have ever disrespected, dehumanized, or belittled a person because of their sexuality, you may be part of the reason Tyler Clementi is dead.

I think I am part of the reason that Tyler Clementi is dead. More …. (no really, go read the whole thing. Its brilliant, and the conversation / comments are challenging as well.)

And from Nadia Bolz-Weber, on Habakkuk & Lament.

… There is quite a strong tradition in the OT of complaining to God about injustice and suffering.   It’s lamenting – and we should perhaps reclaim this part of our tradition…I have a friend who says if you’re going to have a praise band in your church, that’s fine but only if you also have a lament band. …

(the middle bits—that are brilliant)

And sometimes faith is simply the courage to lament.  Faith is speaking the names of Billy, Seth, Asher and Tyler and refusing to let go of the promise of a world made new by a suffering God.

(you’ve gotta read the whole brilliant thing. go here, please.)

p.s. – This post is a part of the ongoing series of posts for LGBT History Month. Next up, I am going to try to answer my friend who says: “Every day I have been reading your blog commentary, your facebook page, obediently watching your links to youtube videos that inevitably make me cry.  So. Tell me. I already read, am aware, watch…you have my full attention. What can I do. Now. So as to not be silent as a non-gay supporter of the openly or not-so-openly gay community, is what I mean. I don’t want to let you down, for pete’s sake, but I’m drawing a blank here.”

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