1460.97 days

Love: Circa 2006

Love: Circa 2006

4 years ago today Karen and I stood before our communites of faith, our families and friends and took the following vow:

In the name of God and before this congregation, I, (Rachel/Karen), take you (Rachel/Karen), as my beloved, my partner, my own; to honor and cherish you; to share with you in life’s joys and triumphs, and to stand with you in times of grief and misfortune. I will be truthful in all things and strive with you to create a home filled with reverence and hospitality. I will love you all the days of my life. This is my solemn vow.

This morning we placed our rings one one anothers fingers, softly whispered “marriage” to one another and began another day.

I am so grateful for those who were with us that day, and am equeally as grateful for those who stand with us this day. Your witness to our love, life, struggles and joys helps us to keep our promises and be better people.

So let me ask you today, what was asked 1460 day ago today:

Will you, brothers and sisters in Christ, give your pledge and honor to uphold Karen and Rachel; to recognize them as family in this community, to guide and pray for them in times of trouble, to celebrate with them in times of joy, to respect the bonds of their covenant, and to seek to discern the continuing presence of Christ within them?

If so please respond “we will” (and add whatever other riffs to this response you would like).


11 thoughts on “1460.97 days

  1. Absolutely! It was a joy to be there that day, and a joy to see where you’ve gone since. Such a joy (and I’m so glad that Angie was there, too!)

    Love you both more than I can say- happy anniversary!

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