RIP: the swandive

For those of you who know, I have had the blog “The Swandive” since 2006. I have loved it, been on-again / off-again with it, even hated it at times. It has been more than a blog—its been both a dream and an identity. Today, it is gone. Or better stated, it is had a serious make-over. Make no mistake, I’m still going to own the bar (or some version of it) someday, so don’t you worry (if you were one of the few who knew or cared about that part). All of the posts came along in the makeover but The Swandive—the blog—it is gone.

So enough about that, what IS the blog now?

Dancing Saints, St Gregory's of Nyssa, San Francisco

Well, its been made over to reflect what I have been spending a lot of time thinking about lately: dead people. (she says in her best ‘I see dead people’ voice.) Oh I know, it sounds sort of creepy, but its not, really. Its about remembering. As time passes, I have to hold on to scraps of paper, photos and other artifacts to help me not forget all of the things my mom and dad gave me, said to me. I don’t want to lose these sacred (but sometimes beautifully mundane) bits. I am afraid of losing the memories or the wisdom imparted.

This blog will be an ongoing conversation, between me and the communion of the saints (which does include the living—people and things). It might be me and my favorite queer saint passed—Harvey Milk. It could be asking my dad a question, or letting my mom know about getting an “A” in class (Lord knows she’s waited far too long for that news). Or, it might be a way for me to bookmark a quote from a really smart friend, and riff on it for a bit. In any case, I am excited to kick off the new space, and am grateful for those of you who are with me.


4 thoughts on “RIP: the swandive

  1. This was the first thing that caught my eye in my blog reader this morning and I hurried over to see what’s happening. What an exciting development! I’m all for talking to dead people, and look forward to overhearing the conversations.
    BTW, did you know that Franciscan iconographer Robert Lentz painted an icon of Harvey Milk. You can find all Lentz’s work at, but there’s no way I can see to link directly to a page with the Milk icon, so Google to the rescue, it’s here:

  2. I love that we reincarnate ourselves over and over, and that it’s a choice. Your Swan Dive can be anything you want it to be. We are the best versions of ourselves. Cheers, Rachel.

  3. I love this. Telling the stories, and remembering the stories is so important. Even more so, I think, as time moves on. And that new header? Kick ass.

    You’ve spurred me to perhaps write about one of the artifacts I hold most dear – meant to show you when you were here. You’ll just have to come back.

    I’m curious to Tess’ response om a blog reader. I switcher from blogger to Google reader last night. Jury’s still out on that.

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