my friend lusty

"this is how I see the world just slightly blurry" Chris Lustig

Well shit honey! What the hell? Gone? Already? No way.


All I want to do is just sit and swear, which I know you completely understand. We didn’t meet up at the Mac like we said we would, and I missed this years gay pride parade—gauranteed to be the best hug I would get all year.

Do you know how much you meant to me? I don’t think you did. I can’t recall telling you explicitly. So, better late than never I suppose. Friend of all of the people I know, YOU knew how to make the most of a really tough day. You walked through this world with your giant heart open to whoever would receive you. You loved the frustrating, the geeks, the queer, the unloveable and questionable types. You loved and supported well beyond what any rational or reasonable person could or would. But, well, love isn’t really rational or reasonable is it? You—of anyone I know—showed me how to have joy in the midst of some real crap. You always gave, and expected nothing.

I always wish I would have been able to hear more stories about your earlier life and adventures—a total love and badass. Friend, I know you have made it to the place of peace, where there is rest, your love, a popcorn machine always making a fresh batch, and a big MacKenzie mug of honey weiss on tap. I love you friend. I’ll meet you there when its my time. Save a stool next to the megatouch for me.