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sexuality & gender: a new year revolution

I am not one for making resolutions.

Oh yes, I have tried—succeeded some and failed fantastically. This year, I am trying for something a little different. Instead of resolutions, I think I will commit to revolutions. (Tip o’the hat to one lady awesome pants, ms. krohn.)

What sorts of things are on the personal and corporate revolutionary list?

  • Show up: be a part of the things I am passionate about, and get real about the shit I am not.
  • The goose: I am participating, are you?
  • Keep blogging here: I plan to continue rambling about personal discoveries, but also plan to do my part to move the gender & sexuality conversation forward in healthy, honest and (gulp) prophetic ways. Someone has to, and I just might have a few more things to say (that may or may not be interesting).
  • Travel (yep, i’m talkin’ evolution through vacation): on the docket is San Miguel de Allende Mexico, North Carolina, Denver Colorado, and _____________.
  • LOVE: keep talking about, modeling and being in LOVE. Spend less time arguing about who supports it, and if scripture, the church, and/or God/Jesus/The Holy Spirit does. (see this great post from Candace re: this topic—well said) I do and this—above all else—matters.
  • School: I am going to keep going, ’till I don’t wanna. So there.

Resolutionary/revolutionary? Me thinks so. Happy 2011, friends.


7 thoughts on “resolutions | revolutions

  1. Hopefully you will write more for Queermergent! We must skype soon with Jules about planning the Queermergent gathering for this coming summer! Love you, Rachel! Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year to you. I love this idea of revolutions. One “revolution” I’ve made is to stop being an apologetic Christian. When the topic comes up, I tend to say “Well I’m Christian, but not one of those fundamentalist anti-feminist, homophobic Christians”. So from now on, no qualifications. People can work out the latter bit from my life.

  3. Adele! Love you too – I would love to write more for Queermergent. I am going to Wild Goose, are you? Afraid all of my travel time/funds might be spent on that trip and my 5 year anniversary on 11/11/11 – to Mexico with my love. But I am super hip to connecting with you and Jules over Skype for sure. Happy new year friend.

  4. I know this post was a while ago, but I was browsing through your blog searching for some comfort after receiving discouragement to “turn from my evil ways” (ok, so she didn’t say that exactly). After reading the article from Rev. Candace that you link in this post, as well as your blog entries, I’m at peace again. The urge to argue rises with those discouraging comments, but the reality is love remains- and nothing else matters. Thank you.

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