boycotting, name-calling, and general ass-hattery

oooooh, chick-fil-a … really? you got to go and support an anti-gay, pro hetero-marriage event that is designed to “help couples apply what the Bible teaches about marriage in a powerful way.”

wait. wait just one minute, i don’t care. YES, you read me correctly: Can Not Care (and yes, i know they pulled their sponsorship)

look, when its Target & Best Buy—two organizations I see marching and marketing at gay pride every year thereby claiming me as a target market—giving 150K (and then some) to the PAC supporting that douche Tom Emmer, yes, i totally stop and think about it, and incidentally, i get quite bitchy (just ask my friends – i love you mitch). with them its called hypocrisy, but well, thats business.

however chick-fil-a? cripes, come on and you’ve got to be kidding me, you know who chick-fil-a is, right? they are closed on sundays so their staff can worship and sabbath for crying out loud. as far as i know they have NEVER marketed to or claimed the “gay” population as a target market. they sell chicken that some people go crazy for, and sometimes have free chicken sandwich give-a-ways.

i am sorry advocate, and all of my supportive pissed off friends. this one is just going a bit too far IMHO.

so what if a restaurant (which apparently tasty chicken sandwiches, i don’t know, i’ve never had one) wants to support this thing or that. since when do they not get to choose who they support? so what if they are sponsoring some anti-gay marriage festival or focus on the “family” or whatever. really, what is it to you? don’t eat there if you really hate it. join the facebook group and go for it! you have the right, and so do they.

i saw on that they called the group that is putting on the conference a “rabid anti-gay group.” now i am just as afraid of these assholes that never want to see my sweetie and i have legal protection under the law as the next person, but rabid anti-gay? rabid?

friends, i am asking you to please not fall for it. don’t believe the hype, don’t get sucked into this slow-day media made up story. if you do or don’t eat at chick-fil-a, your decision should be more about the ethical treatment of animals more than a this privately owned restaurant chain giving tasty treats to our brothers and sisters in Christ.

my two cents.

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