one year ago

Dear Dad,

Exactly one year ago you sent a card to me. I brought it out again this morning and pretended that you sent it to me just yesterday.

As life moves forward—with the passing of each new event, each celebration and hurdle met, I miss you more than ever.

Last night I started my new gig at Pizzeria Lola. I wish you could have seen me—I wore purple, for you. I wore the pendant you made me, and got compliments on it from a customer who declared her self to be ‘extremely high maintenance’ (I thought she was hilarious and adorable).

Dad, I want you to know that it was with my mom’s passing that I fell apart—completely set adrift on a long journey of self discovery and depression. I left the restaurant business and in doing so, let a part of me die. Strangely in your passing I have found myself: the joy, strength, resilience and appreciation for life that you have imparted to me. Like bookends marking time, I am becoming the person who you (and mom and Des) have always known me to be.

I only wish you were here to see it.

I love you.



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