i want to take you to a gay bar, gay bar, gay bar.

Crap. Tickles closed yesterday. Another gay bar bites the dust. It is the 3rd LGBT/Q bar to close in recent months in our top ranked city for being “the gayest city in America” —yes Minneapolis/St. Paul, that’s us.

My question: What does this mean?

Is it just the economy? I don’t think so. Is it the desire to perpetuate a niche within a niche (like Gladiator–the Roman empire themed gay leather bar in an old Dominos Pizza joint)? Is Minneapolis/St. Paul becoming so open and affirming that its almost post-gay?

I have long grieved over the loss of the super mega queer but really women/womyn friendly club in St. Paul Club Metro. When I was first coming out, I met my first “real” girlfriend at the Metro. To say that these places (like Cafe Zev, The Saloon, The Gay 90s, Cafe Wyrd, etc.) were important on my journey of coming out, is like saying I sort of kind of like my beloved. These were places where I discovered all sorts of things about myself and about my queer community. To see one go down after another, its just really heartbreaking. However, I have been out for a very long time now. Perhaps these places aren’t needed anymore?

What is going on in the Twin Cities that queer bars are few and far between, and so difficult to keep open? Are they still needed?

So long Tickles, Pi Bar, and Metro.