betwixt & between

[deep breath]

*s  t  r  e  t  c  h*

You know that space—the one between right and wrong, between asleep and awake?

Well today I pray the Lord will not “my soul to keep”
but  keep me there, in that space.
Confusing, fuzzy, marked with only hints and allegations of
knowing. KNOWING. “knowing” … knowing?

My friends Elissa and Gretchen call this space betwixt & between,
Liminality. I love these friends—oh, ooo, ooo, ooo.
That feeling, YES, lets stay there for a while shall we?
I don’t want to open my eyes yet.

This morning there are new birds in the yard who are singing a song I’ve not heard yet this year.
The tulips are pressing their way above ground.
The cast of characters in my dreams had some wisdom to impart and I am trying like hell to hang on to their hand as I walk towards today.
Sweetie teeters ever towards another year older
and wiser, and more beautifuler. Yes, beautifuler.

Yes, I agree world, today is new, different, forever changed.
But it is so for these reasons, these things I will dwell on.
Call me an ostrich if you must, but I am happy here
betwixt & between.