for the record

Sometimes I forget, and I need remember.
So this is for the record—as permanent as this moment can get.

I am lost in a groove— dancing on top of a pillar at the gay bar
with the mmm-chh-mmm-chh-mmm-chh
and bodies, hers and hers and his, twirling and bumping
our anthem beats and the thought of any fist shaking
or yelling at one another
would only be to sing those lyrics louder, and then louder still.

Can you see that girl—watch that scene,
she is your key to this moment.

Waiting in the back stairwell,
while inside the sanctuary the organ bellows.
Its hum hum hum hum, hum hum hum hum
(come thou font of ev-ery bless-ing)
spilling out into the nave, down the stairs, and I am there
looking up at you: my love, my family, my God.

Can you remember her, and them—your community gathered,
they are your key to right now.

I don’t want to erase the rant above, though I can’t make my way through and finish it. Shit.

  • Sometimes I forget the moments that took my breath away, reminded me who and whose I am.
  • I am tired of trying to convince others that my joy is real, valid, beautiful and/or holy. It just is. If you can’t see it, well I am quite sorry for you.
  • People will most likely be asked to vote on my right to marry in my state, and it might pass. This vote does not and will not change what already is.
  • Sojourners has caused quite a stir, and many are jumping in to give their two cents about it. These two cents all pooled together might add up to a dollar and change—which is no where near the cost of these friendships. And the people, are just that, people. Not prophets or deciders or rule makers, just people.

Yes, the world is unjust. And yes, I care about it.
But right now, I think the world needs more love and less ranting.
So I’ma just shut the hell up, and get out to the garden, breathe some fresh spring air and
because life is too short and all we have is this moment.


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