the road to 40 is paved with …

In a week from today I will be 40.
(Holy crap.)

Birthday Candles

birthday candles by andrewfristoe

Leading up to next weeks milestone, I thought it might be fun (or at least a good exercise) to reflect on where I’ve been, and where I think I am going. As usual, I am not to make any promises about what I will write. But—with that said—I hope to look as objectively as I can at my life thus far and see if I can’t find some sort of nugget of truth, some kernel of hope, a thread of a God-voice and purpose.

Are you 40? What milestone birthday got you reflecting? Was there a birthday year you remember that felt particularly anxiety producing?

Friends, I hope you’ll join me in this little cathartic exercise, if only to bear witness and help me make the transition. First reflection up later tonight.


One thought on “the road to 40 is paved with …

  1. 40 was filled with anticipation that I was living into my potential… at Fifty, I started to take measure of things done and things left undone… by 55, I began to wonder if time wasn’t passing all too quickly, beginning to feel like my viability and relativity was beginning to become marginalized… Now at almost 57, I realize that I am pretty much unemployable at anything but what I am currently doing… so I feel my perspectives and horizons narrowing… The chances for “professional” growth and revelations seem fleeting… I continue to “grow” but not by the leaps and bounds of a decade ago. People have become much more important to me. So too has my senser of self… shame, guilt and loathing are falling by the wayside… this IS as good as it gets!

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