a story begins: an unlikely friendship

My heart is positively broken, a friend of mine has died. What else can I do, but tell you a story. I hope you are willing to stick with me while I tell it; this is a most unlikely tale and it may take a while to tell. What I can promise you in what I share here: this friend has changed my life, and affirmed my deep belief that everyone hurts, everyone has value,  you CAN NOT judge a book by its cover and love, wins.

Perhaps you remember this post “words have power: pro-gay?” If not, go back and check it out, because this is where this story begins. In the comments, I received my very first blog attack (what can I say, I am not very controversial or am not widely read? Either way, there you have it). I know there are MANY of you out there who are called all sorts of names, but for me, it felt personal and mean. This commenter – Jason – called me angry, bitter, self-righteous and a hypocrite (reading this now, with a little time and distance—he was not altogether wrong, I am sometimes). This Jason fellow, got my attention and crept under my skin. That was January. It is now November.

Yesterday I was contacted by Jason’s assistant. She told me how much Jason was looking forward to finally meeting me in person in a few weeks.  She went on to say “we are sad beyond comprehension to inform you that [jason] suffered a fatal brain aneurysm at approximately 3:45PM Mountain Time while checking into a hotel in Denver, Colorado.”

This will be the story of my unlikely friendship with Jason. We never met in person. I never heard his voice. He had pictures of me—from this blog. I had one photo of him—a side view and distant—sent just a few weeks ago. We only had our email correspondence, and from it grew a deep abiding love and respect for one another.

What will follow, is our story.

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  1. I’m very sorry for your loss of a friend, Rachel, especially one who apparently challenged you in the way he did. Such people are rare because we’re all so afraid of offending each other. I look forward to reading further and you most certainly have my condolences.

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