someone, that’s who

This is not another post about a video gone viral, I am all too aware of how little my opinion on such matters weighs.

This is not a post about taking sides, or about believing that in the Kingdom of God there is such a thing as taking sides or that sides even exist (too many sharp corners, edges and angles me thinks).

This post is not about flinging moral and righteous poo behind “safe” keyboard spaces and/or holding people accountable for said flung poo.

This post is a call to respect. A call to lay down our arms, our silver daggers and poison pens and peck peck pecking. A call to say knock it the fuck off for crying out loud—someone just died today. Who you ask? Someone, that’s who. And someone else, yeah, diagnosed with cancer. And someone else still, dumped—heartbroken and lonely for the first time. And even still, another someone, they had put their beloved dog down today.

This post, if you think its about you, it just might be. But more than likely, its about me. I want to engage in social media, heck you all make me laugh, cry and pray every single day. But somethings very wrong when a video that is supposed to be about love incarnate sparks us all into our camps, taking shelter in our bunkers of hurt, pride and assumptions about one another.

Someone had to put down their beloved god today, lets all show some respect.



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