and I love you.

I have started and trashed this post now at least 5 times. Bear with me and my raw ass need to get this off of me.

You know how it is, someone you love gets underneath your skin and you just want to
S  C  R  E  A  M
but you hold back, because you know, you KNOW what kind of damage you can do with your words
and you want to keep lashing out
but you stop yourself and say       no.

you say “I love you”
and somewhere deep down you know you mean it

fucking show off, why you gotta keep putting your
love in my face
no wonder your kind is still sitting in the back of the bus
can’t you and your kind see how putting it in my face
just makes you look

what like I am in love?

you’re nothing but a jungle fever loving
loud mouthed bitch who doesn’t deserve love
who asked for it
both this time, and that one time–we don’t talk about it
it practically—for all of your intents and purposes—didn’t happen

but it did
and you hurt me
and I love you.

One thought on “and I love you.

  1. I love you & pray for those that hurt you. My apologies for your shitty day but glad you released it. “A wise man has no expectations of others, that way he is never disappointed.” I love you Schmachel!

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