on making history

The first noise sweetie and I heard this morning was the “bing bing” of a friend texting me from North Carolina. It simply said “YES!!!!!!!” Normally I silent my phone before laying down to sleep but I half hoped that someone would let me know when the race for the marriage amendment had been called.  I didn’t expect the notice to come from across the country—but I did and it reminded me how important this work is, to all of us. One year ago they, like us, fought to keep discrimination out of their state constitution, and lost. But Minnesota, oh Minnesota—thank you for giving them and 29 other states HOPE.

I rolled over, grabbed my phone and opened up facebook; these are the first words I read:
“Area gay people awake to find that they still can’t marry each other. Minnesota, it’s not time to change the constitution, thank you, but it is time to change the law.” [bold mine] Yep. So right on.

Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can’t lose.

This thing, this bending the arc of justice work we are doing, it’s hard stuff. However, last night we made huge yardage all across our country towards getting down the field of dreams. Last night was definitely a good ol’ Coach Taylor first down for East Dillon. [yes, I just made a sports/football metaphor] But this game ain’t over yet.

You see, I have a dream that in my lifetime Sweetie and I will be able to be married civilly and sacramentally.

To my friends and family who voted: thank you. To my friends and family who voted “NO” on this [piece of shit proposed] marriage amendment: thank you. For those of you who are are straight and volunteered for the campaign, thank you. For those of you who had conversations about why this mattered to you personally: thank you. If my relationship with Sweetie was a part of that conversation: we are honored. Thank you thank you thank you.

BUT: we cannot rest. We have a law on the books in Minnesota that needs to go away. We have a president who is committed to getting rid of DOMA and we’ve got to help him make that happen. We’ve got people who love each other across borders and oceans who would like to say “I do” to love and building a life together. Yes, let’s celebrate and rest today. We’ve worked hard and done our state and our country proud. But we’ve still got a ways to go. I won’t quit. Don’t you quit either.

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose. Go love.



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  1. amen and amen and amen. We have not yet begun to fight! The change ups in the MN House and Senate give me even more hope that this is the beginning of the end of inequality. The tide is turning my sister and I’m so honored to be paddling in it with you and your beloved.

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