today is like any other day, except …

Today is not yesterday because yesterday was my dad’s birthday. Yesterday Sweetie and I would have woken up, gone to thegym and then called him on our way home, singing an off-key full of love “Happy Birthday To YOU” and telling him all about how we are doing / feeling in our weight loss/feel better plan. We would have asked what his plans were for the day, what kind of art he was working on, and we would have told him I was looking forward to seeing him for a meal to celebrate him. We would have said “we love you dad.” That was yesterday, not today.

This is today. Today we were supposed to pick up our new babies—Zipper and Dilly—kitties we are adopting from Animal Ark. We are adding to our family, but are waiting until Sunday to have our gotcha day. We are giving ourselves the time and space we need to prepare to make our family bigger. Supposed to be today, but isn’t.

Today is a HUGE day where we live; it’s the first day same-sex couples can apply for marriage licences in Hennepin County. I woke up to an email from a close friend this morning asking if we’d like to go together to apply. Our friend is straight, but her and her partner decided not to marry legally (only sacramentally/spiritually like us) until all Minnesotans could. We won’t go today like so many others did, but when we do, we’ll go with them. But that isn’t happening today either.

Today a young man took refuge from whatever he was battling on my front porch. He settled himself in a rocking chair and made himself at home, talking on his cell phone and rocking back and forth. I am home, alone, working and catching up on email. I see him and go outside asking if he needs something. The stories and needs pour out of him, and I have no doubt that some of what he is saying is true. Even so, I suddenly feel my vulnerability when he asks to come inside my home “to take a piss” and opens the screen door for himself. I politely said I would be right back, shut the door and called Sweetie at work. Then I called 911. That is today.

Its a little grief-y, a little queer excitement, a little lot of fear and reality mixed up with WWJD and not at all feeling like a follower of Jesus. In a word, this is life. This is my today.


4 thoughts on “today is like any other day, except …

  1. That’s a lot for today. Take heart, for you cannot love others if you don’t first love (and take care of, and keep safe) yourself. Your love and your faith are not diminished by your wise self-preservation. I do resonate with that struggle.

  2. Beautifully stream-of-consciousness like real life is every day. Some good, some scary, some sad, some beautiful. Mostly hard to tell which is which and knowing that each is all of it mixed up. Jesus would get that, I think.

  3. Life is more complicated than we recognize. The departed speak in the ether as we struggle with the cell phone bills and a world filled with teens overexposed to media bullshit. Jesus time people had it easy on a sense. There were goats, wood, hammers and you lived and died on the dirt. You knew the Romans sucked and that you would die sooner than later. News took weeks and your world was as big as you could spit. No need to feel bad. Even Jesus would have difficulty navigating the psychology of the modern world. Especially since many of his miracles can be digitally recreated in 3d animation and posted on you tube within the hour.

  4. It is amazing the string of events that , each one alone, would seem random, but when put all together, make for what we call, “a day” having You in common. I notice the rites included in this string of events: birthday, adoption, marriage and then of course taking a piss. I feel welcome in your life when you report the weavings of your daily loom. But would never push open a screen door that has not been offered me. Sorry that guy scared you. Wonder what his deal is about.

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