it is possible to change?

tp accidentThere are many reasons I love social media, one of them being the exchange of opinions on some of the most intimate and personal of topics. Every once in a while something will pop up that I feel every so strongly about that I think to myself “how could ANYone think the other way is right?” Same sex marriage, a womans right to choose, the death penalty and so on.

Enter how to appropriately hang toilet paper. Now, everyone knows that over is the much preferred hang than the under. No need to google it; it is prettier, cleaner, and well, it’s just right.  Well it is—that is—until it isn’t.

The picture seen here was texted to me the other night just before coming home. “Look what your children did …” was the text that accompanied the photo. The new kitties have discovered the unbridled joy of a roll of TP. Now we’ve had a few stumbling blocks to being new kitty mamas; what they like to eat, where they like to be pet and all that, but this was a whole new naughty ball game. Tigger never ever touched the stuff.

To remedy the situation we tried a few things: moving the TP holder around, but still in comfortable reach for a human. Fail. We tried keeping the roll on the back of the tank, but that just makes us sad, not to mention I think it’s gross. We let them rip it up and we re-rolled by hand, hoping the new-found TP toy might lose its charm. All, as I am sure you have guessed, with no happy solution for humans AND kitties. Until … *gasp*

What if we hung the toilet paper UNDER instead of OVER? What if—even though everything in my life, experience, and reading has taught me that OVER is clearly the right and meet way to hang the TP—this not necessarily true? How could this happen?

Friends, I am telling you it IS true. For the 3rd day in a row our TP is in tact, and hanging in the under position. The kitties are still amazing and adorable, and I can still wipe. The world has not ended. I changed my mind about a deeply held belief I never thought could be changed. There is hope. Hallelujah, amen.

One thought on “it is possible to change?

  1. Bravo, bravo……the crowd “roars”!!!
    Poor lil kitties have to find a new pastime ….. oh well, the whole family has to adapt together …. if Mama’s happy, well then you know the rest.

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