carpe friggin’ diem

IMG_1189Sometimes I wonder if you all think I live in a constant state of grief, what with an anniversary of something or other 
always in my writing. The fact is, I do. I am forever changed and chased by loss.  

4 years ago today my father woke up not feeling great. An hour later he was gone. The changes in my life that have happened after my fathers passing are mind boggling.

I miss you Phil. I will spend my day trying to fill your shoes; I’ll spend time making people smile and I’ll sell some ice to eskimos. I’ll listen for the birds song, and look for the good in others, even when they hide it real well, behind their pride and bullshit. You always could see past all of it dad. I didn’t know what a crazy gift it was you had. Now I know. 

Carpe friggin’ diem.



One thought on “carpe friggin’ diem

  1. Beautiful expression of your soul!! Gifts, these things. Much affection lovely Rachel, wishing the grief to transform into blossoms in your being, heart, mind and spirit. Xo

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