the order of things

rememberThis is my bathroom wall. These are the words that greet me each morning. The cute little crafty things hanging read:

Good things will happen. (the green flowery, pricetag shaped one)
I will greet this day with love. (the green gingham round one)

Then to the right of these are two gifts: a plate that was given to me from the lovely ladies at I LIKE YOU that simply says “things change.” And beneath it hangs a secret santa gift; a beautiful photo of an old tree with a sign on it, written in english and in some other language that looks rather wise and sanskrit-ey. It reads:

Cut yourself some slack
Remember, 100 years from now
all new people …

These are my morning messages. I like them. They are my daily meditations, my truths and desires, no matter the side of the bed I got up on. There is–however–another message in this picture, though it doesn’t have words. It’s the conversation that I have each and every morning with myself. It says “these ARE in order. Don’t touch them. Leave them be.” The two hang-ey bits: read like a sentence, my brain wants them in reverse order.
I will greet this day with love. (AND)
Good things will happen.
As in, IF I will greet this day with love, THEN good things will happen.IMG_2981

You can imagine, for a slightly OCD person like myself, this is an actual battle every day. The pressure to
not swap these two around is HUGE. But here is the thing, they have to stand alone. They ARE in “order.”

Sometimes bad things happen. Planes crash, jobs are lost and loved ones receive diagnoses we’d rather not say aloud. But every day, good things happen too. People pray for enemies, small acts of kindness are made for strangers, and flowers emit fragrances like its no big deal. Beauty and good things, they are everywhere. They will happen. Its not an equation. The if/then isn’t true.

Good things will happen.
I will greet this day with love. And in 100 years, all new people. Now go on with your amazing selves.

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  1. I love your words of wisdom, and I love your writing style. So very good to hear from you, sending big kitty hugs and kisses to you both. Let’s have lunch or dinner or drinks now that the harsh winter is over!

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