the story of “Ma”

A friend a while back asked me to retell the entire story of my mom, Anne Elizabeth White; who she was, how she became a missing person, and how she was eventually found. This story, perhaps more than any other, continues to be a foundational story about who I am. It still unfolds, even 10+ years later.

The following posts are that story. The story is of course told through my eyes (not the eyes of my family, siblings, the news media, or anyone else for that matter). I hope that you can learn a bit about her, and me, through this story.

She was my mom, my best friend, and there is not one single day that passes that I don’t miss her something fierce. I love you ma.

Thank you.

The Story of Ma: Intro
The Story of Ma: Part 1
The Story of Ma: Part 2
The Story of Ma: Part 3
The Story of Ma: Part 4
The Story of Ma: Part 5
The Story of Ma: (not) the end

3 thoughts on “the story of “Ma”

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  3. I was a student of your ‘ma’ at Simley, was in many of her plays and was her student helper. I can still hear her voice in my mind; she taught me many things and figuratively kicked my ass as it needed to be. I am so sorry for the loss of her in your life.

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