about this blog

The Sweet Bi and Bi is a play on words, taking from the old hymn of the same name, different spelling, The Sweet By and By. The story behind the hymn, written in 1868, is actually quite endearing. Check it out.

I wanted to find a name that would playfully represent what I was hoping to say.

  • I love the Christian faith; being a follower of Jesus, a listener of the Spirit and child of God. Sometimes the language and lyrics are flawed, the theology is way off base, and often I suck, stumble and fall. But I love it.
  • The song itself has a sort of “this too shall pass” vibe. While I recognize the time and context I live (and love) in now, I am certain that

We shall meet on that beautiful shore. We shall sing on that beautiful shore,
The melodious songs of the blessed; And our spirits shall sorrow no more, Not a sigh for the blessing of rest.

  • I identify as queer; more specifically, as bisexual. I have found the bisexual voice highly misunderstood and misrepresented in general, and more specifically as it relates to spirituality and a faith filled life. I believe that the bi voice has a great deal to offer to a church/Church that is plagued by conversations in black and white. I believe that voice offers a beauty of gray. I hope to add mine in this space.

And check out this post for my initial welcome and thoughts. Welcome.