Dear small minded illiterate ass,

Let me start by saying well done. Clap, clap. Maybe you can’t read? Maybe you don’t have a sense of humor? In all my time of having this on my car the only thing it’s done is make people smile and giggle. 

I don’t get it. What is happening to us? Really. 

My advice: lighten up and keep your fucking hands (and pee? What is that liquid?) off my car and my happy love your neighbor disposition. 


p.s.  Awesome bumper sticker can be purchased at i like you in Minneapolis  and now, St Paul at i like you too!


2 thoughts on “Dear small minded illiterate ass,

  1. Whoa. These is troubling times. I too can act like an illiterate ass. But I won’t . I can but I won’t. Instead I’ll say,’ these are troubling times.’ That’s the difference. I can choose. So can you, F-heads.

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